It was another busy safety patrol for our Volunteers in Belfast on the 15th Feb . Shortly before 12am our teams on the ground responded to a tasking from the PSNI to a person in distress on the wrong side of the railings at the River Lagan beside the SSE Arena. Within minutes our water response team were on scene, ready to enter the river if the person had entered, unfortunately after negotiations the person entered the river but fortunately our colleagues from Lagan Search & Rescue who were also on scene were quickly able to bring the person on board their boat and bring them to safety before handing them over to Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.

A short time later, before the teams where able to get a quick cup of tea, they where again tasked by the PSNI to another person in distress on the wrong side of the railings at Albert Bridge. Our Rescue boat was quickly launched and along with foot teams was quickly on scene were negotiations where taking place between the person and the PSNI.

Thankfully after a short time the person got on the right side of the railings and was taken to a place of safety by the PSNI.

Our Volunteers where then able to get a quick cup of tea and shelter from the elements of Storm Dennis, but the night wasn’t over yet. While patrolling the river, one of our foot teams noticed a young person sitting on the railings at the rivers edge and notified the boat team who were quickly on scene and engaged in conversation. It quickly became apparent that this was another person in distress. Thankfully our foot team where able to lead the person away from the rivers edge and hand them into the care of our colleagues from SOS who took them to a place of safety.


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